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All instructions for working with Videon services



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In this part we have collected all the latest instructions for setting up and managing Videon services.

The S-Cloud Guide is a detailed description of all the steps necessary to work with ready-made cloud servers: from the ordering process to the upgrading and configuration of the virtual machine.

The hosting configuration guide tells you about the main menu items in the Vesta control panel and describes the process of creating a domain and hosting the resource database using the WordPress example.

The instructions for working with the mail server on VestaCP will help you to order a mail server, manage mail, show how to transfer letters to a new server and redirect the domain.

Instructions for working with the Cloud Video service will tell you how to order the service and configure video analytics modules.

If you have any additional questions or if you need assistance in setting up, please contact Videon24 technical support: +7 495 926 63 45